A Solemn Reflection on Plus-sized Clothing

by Monsurat Momoh
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Plus-sized Clothing

Plus-size clothing can be seen everywhere on the social media space. I grew up understanding that people will always have different bodies and that people should be accepted however way they look.

Plus-size models do a great job of making people feel confident in their bodies and showing great styles. Online, that is.

I had my very fair share recently of plus-size clothing “unfairness” this past month and I got a little down about it. Basically, I had to change my clothes for personal reasons and work and so I concluded “What’s a better place than the market?” Or so I thought.

There is this thing I have noticed every time I have had to visit any market. There is always beautiful stuff to display, shoes and clothes inclusive obviously. But, have we ever noticed that they’re always made in specific sizes?

I do understand that selling what is trending is needed to get your money’s worth and profit but I do not think that should exclude bigger people, should it? Who says people can’t sell well with plus-size wear?

If there is a beautifully made dress for smaller sizes, there should be beautifully made bigger ones at the same price or more. People care so much about comfort these days but imagine how exhausting it gets to not find your size. Vendors even feel weird when asked “Do you have a bigger size?” and they reply “I no get big size”.

This is a store that’s stocked up to the fullest.

Let’s not have a conversation about the stores that actually sell these sizes but at ridiculous prices. Like it is a favour they even offer this set of clothes.  Let’s talk more about how when they actually have the sizes, they are less pretty. Why should that be though?

There exist so many plus-size people in the world today. I can not begin to imagine the discomfort. Let a tailor or fashion designer know today. Plus-sized people can wear pretty clothes too. They shouldn’t really have to empty their purses or bank accounts to get affordable stuff just because they are not the “normal sizes” you deem fit.

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