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Actor Ruby Ojiakor Calls Out Colleagues Over Junior Pope’s Death

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Nollywood is once again in turmoil, with tensions flaring over the tragic death of actor Junior Pope, leading to a cascade of accusations and controversies among industry insiders.

Actress Ruby Ojiakor has publicly called out her colleagues Nosa Rex and Adanma Luke, adding fuel to an already heated situation.

Ruby Ojiakor took to Instagram to express her grief and frustration, accusing Nosa Rex of exploiting Junior Pope’s death for content. She posted,

I came to pray specifically for you ‘SUPER STAR (AKPA SWAG) Your Legacy will never be forgotten. I also want to let you know that BABAREX @babarex0 your own man has started using what happened to you as content ohhhhhhhh. Everybody dey find their belle, no one cares, if only you listened to me.” In an emotional video, Ruby was seen praying in a Catholic Church, lamenting the loss of her friend and criticizing others for their perceived insensitivity.

The controversy deepened with accusations against Adanma Luke, who was blamed for allegedly spreading rumours that Junior Pope had begged her for acting jobs before his death. Ruby condemned Adanma, suggesting she should feel guilty for the incident that occurred on the set of her movie, leading to Junior Pope’s drowning at Anam River in Anambra State.

Nosa Rex, known as Baba Rex, recently faced backlash after a video surfaced showing him hesitant to dive into a river for a film scene, reminiscent of the circumstances surrounding Junior Pope’s death. Critics have accused him of insensitivity and using the tragedy for attention.

Junior Pope’s death has not only caused a rift among colleagues but also highlighted the dire need for improved safety standards in the Nigerian film industry. As the accusations fly and emotions run high, the industry is left grappling with the implications of this tragic event.

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