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Daddy Freeze and Anita Joseph React to Ajebo Danny’s Controversial Statement About God

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Media personality Daddy Freeze and actress Anita Joseph have weighed in on the controversial statement made by influencer Ajebo Danny regarding his beliefs about God.

In a viral video, Ajebo Danny expressed skepticism about the existence of God, stating that he would only believe if he witnessed a miracle like turning water into wine. He further claimed that his success in life has been self-made, without divine intervention.

Actress Anita Joseph expressed sadness over Ajebo Danny’s statement, writing, “Eyaaa chai, this is sad. But shallom. I’m the highest.”

Daddy Freeze, known for his outspoken views on religious matters, criticized those who were attacking Ajebo Danny instead of engaging in constructive dialogue. He urged people to explain the concept of God to him with facts, reason, and scripture, rather than resorting to emotional bullying.

Instead of religious folks to explain who God is to him, they will be using emotions and sentiments to bully him. If he doesn’t believe, why not try and persuade him with facts, reason, scripture etc. Instead of bashing him for not sharing ur ideologies? Convince him”.

This incident follows previous controversies in Nigeria’s entertainment scene involving religious beliefs. Filmmaker Patrick Doyle and musician Brymo have also sparked debates with their statements questioning traditional religious beliefs. Similarly, Omah Lay and Daddy Freeze himself have expressed unconventional views on religion, drawing both support and criticism.

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