Difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

by Monsurat Momoh
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Interpersonal skills refer to skills that aid communication between two or more people. Meanwhile, intrapersonal skills aid communication with one’s self. Intrapersonal communication can also be called self-communication. If you would like to know more about interpersonal skills and how they relate to self-improvement, here it is.

Intrapersonal skills are not as well-known as interpersonal skills because people often think that communication only matters when two people are involved. Understanding our personal strengths and shortcomings is a key component of intrapersonal skills.

These skills deal with our inner selves so intrapersonal skills are a type of self-communication. Your ability to control your emotions and deal with difficulties you might encounter at various points in your life depends on your intrapersonal skills.

For some people, interpersonal skills frequently reduce stress while intrapersonal skills may increase stress. One is not more important than the other is.

We can achieve a lot with the aid of interpersonal skills. Regarding our work life and personal lives, being aware of our strengths and working on our flaws helps us live easier. We can control our emotions, deal with difficulties and learn from our experiences when we have strong intrapersonal skills. They also help in establishing and maintaining professional and personal connections.

Due to intrapersonal skills, we can focus, set and accomplish our goals quicker than people who do not create objectives frequently because they do not necessarily have a focus. They may not achieve as much as a person who has a target or goal.

For some people, a high degree of intrapersonal abilities comes effortlessly; it might not appear the same for others. What matters is you can focus and work on your intrapersonal skills to get better.

So, as confusing as they both are, both concepts are completely different. Think of it as this; interpersonal communication revolves around two or more people while intrapersonal communication focuses mainly on one individual.

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