Disrespect on Social Media: Actress, Foluke, Warns Nigerian Youths of Dire Consequences

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola-Salako, has criticized Nigerian youths for their tendency to disrespect their elders on social media. In a video shared on her social media platform, the actress expressed her concerns over the degradation of Nigerian values. She described the “unruly behaviour of Nigerian youths on social media” as a serious issue that people are not taking seriously.

Foluke warned that if Nigerian youths continue to engage in bad behaviour on social media, it may escalate to the point where they begin to physically assault their parents. She said that people have not paid enough attention to the negative effects of social media on Nigerian youth and that the country is heading towards a dangerous path.

With reference to the recently concluded elections, Foluke criticized Nigerian youths for using the opportunity to insult their elders. She expressed her frustration at a young lady who insulted her on social media but decided to forgive her after much pleading. However, the actress warned that she would make an example of another young person who disrespects her on social media.

Foluke’s comments highlight a growing concern in Nigeria regarding the disrespect shown by young people towards their elders. Many people believe that this issue needs to be addressed urgently. Furthermore, parents and guardians have a significant role to play in instilling the right values in their children.

Overall, Foluke’s message is a call to action for Nigerian youths to reflect on their behaviour on social media and to show more respect for their elders.

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