by Emmanuel Urua
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Job Description

The Environmental Coordinator ensures the abilities implementation of the organization’s Environmental plan and procedures, and trained personnel in the proper response to environmental impact, hazards, and control measures.


  • Ensures that the plant meets her environmental statutory/legal requirements
  • Ensures regular measurement of plant emissions and discharges, Monitor, Report and Propose measures to control deviation.
  • Check that all primary corrective measures (calibration, seals, etc.) are implemented
  • Collating Environmental parameters for monthly reporting and participating in Internal & External Audits
  • Perform regular variance analyses on priority key environmental indicators and propose corrective actions
  • Ensure that quarry exploitation standards and techniques are properly enforced
  • Ensure that storage and handling of all hazardous materials are properly done
  • Implement waste management plan with the means needed to minimize, recycle and treat waste generated by the plant
  • To promote plant image as responsible to its environmental obligations.
  • To liaise with process and quality department on Plant optimization
  • To ensure environmental monitoring test equipments e.g. emission and noise equipments are always in good working condition and are regularly calibrated to assure accuracy.
  • To initiate actions to prevent environmental non-compliance
  • In conjunction with production manager or delegate, carry out regular inspections of water drainages in the plant and ensure corrective steps are taken in the event of blockages.
  • Ensures healthy working conditions and safety at work for all plant personnel
  • Ensure proper planning of work, resources and execution of tasks.
  • Follow up on the implementation of Biodiversity Management Plan and Quarry Rehabilitation Plan.
  • Organize Environment Awareness Program/Talks/Activities for the plant
  • Champion and facilitate housekeeping initiatives in the plant.
  • To write required environmental reports for local authorities i.e. ISO 14001 compliance, plant environmental reports, environmental compliance/ performance reports etc.
  • To supervise environmental projects and coordinates ISO 14001 certification
  • Other assigned duties.


  • Degree holder of Engineering Sciences and/or its equivalent

Location: Gombe, Nigeria.


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