Friendship Green Flags

by Monsurat Momoh
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green flags in friendship

Friendship is a great thing because what is life without people and our social lives? The world would be a very lonely place if people stay alone all the time with no one to interact with. Even introverts have people they would stop anything for to have conversations with them. That’s how great people are.

Other than having someone to talk to, friendship has a lot of advantages like the fact that friends can give you a sense of purpose and belonging. It doesn’t have to be loud because subtle situations also matter too as that makes the friendship even more valid.

Friendship is also a good beneficial for moral support. Yes, support is not only mental or emotional. Moral support is one of those things to look out for when creating or establishing friendship with someone. Having someone validate your feelings, listen to you, help improve your mood, just being nice to you is as important as any other thing you consider important.

With friendship, there should be no force or bad vibes. When a person starts noticing weird energy between his or her friends, that is always the best time to talk about it and dissolve any issues. If talking doesn’t resolve whatever issues they may be, there shouldn’t be any need to hold on.

“He is my friend, he’s just having a hard time”. That’s alright, love but i do not think it should work like that. Instead, sharing your pain makes everything easier. If you’re thinking about someone and you’re still being stubborn to let them go, here are a few green flags to help you reconsider.

  • Your achievements are acknowledged

The thing with genuine happiness is that you can tell when it is fake or real. It can be felt. When even your small wins are celebrated, that is true friendship.

  • Friends don’t hide the truth from you

Buttering you up with lies is a very common thing in friendships. I know a more common one “if we don’t fight, are we true friends?” Actually, there wouldn’t be lies of you guys are being truthful to yourselves, all the time.

  • Boundaries are respected

This last tip is usually the one that hurts the most. If you were still relenting with the first two tips, this particular one should be an eye-opener. If your boundaries are being overstepped by the friends you have, shouldn’t there be questions?

Remember, you’re also someone’s friend. So check with yourself too.

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