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Ibrahim Chatta Threatens to Arrest Staff for Injuring His Pregnant Horse

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta recently threatened to arrest a staff member for stabbing his pregnant horse, leading to widespread reactions on social media.

In a viral clip, Chatta explained that despite previously sacking the staff member twice, he had rehired him due to pleas from the man’s mother. The actor revealed that the staff member injured the obedient and docile horse while attempting to capture it.

Describing the act as animal cruelty, Chatta stated that he would proceed with the arrest unless social media users intervened. In the video, the remorseful staff member, seen kneeling while being held by two men, begged for forgiveness, citing his status as fatherless and having only his mother.

This is a sin against God. This is a very gentle horse, and I think she is pregnant. She is very gentle and doesn’t argue. But there is one of my stupid workers; I have told people to hold him. This is animal cruelty. If people on social media say I should leave you and you shouldn’t go to the police station, I would let you go,” Chatta said in the video.

Reactions on social media have been divided. Some users criticized Chatta for threatening to arrest a human over an animal, while others supported his stance, emphasizing the seriousness of animal cruelty.

One user, Jurell02, commented,


“Vanity upon vanity,” reflecting a view that prioritizes human life over animals. Conversely, Clay Zo wrote, “This is animal cruelty; how can you do this to an animal? Go try this abroad if they won’t arrest you. Abeg, arrest him; he can be causing menace to someone’s business.”


Another user, Nedugcfr, expressed,


“Abuse of power. Nawa oo, you wan lock humans because of an animal,” suggesting that Chatta’s reaction was excessive. On the other hand, Ilerioluwa defended the actor, stating, “No now. This is really a wicked thing to do. People are really badly behaved, mehn. I remember a time when he just bought the horses and some died that; he made a video of how much he bought them and all… I honestly can feel his pain. The guy needs to be taught some lesson.”


Amaka Amina advised,


“Please let him get a good vet that can begin treatment on the horse. Let him get the guy arrested and allow the police to do their job. People really don’t learn because when they do bad, they have someone or people that will beg for them or they will start calling God.”


Oluwatimileyin added,


“This is sad. Many people are so cruel to animals in this part of the world, and it’s sad. I hope an example is made out of him and others learn their lesson.”

This incident echoes a similar situation from last year when actress Peggy Ovire arrested a production crew member for allegedly stealing equipment on her movie set. Ovire’s decisive action highlights a growing trend among Nollywood figures to address misconduct and theft within their professional circles.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether social media users will sway Chatta’s decision or if the staff member will face legal repercussions.

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