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James Brown Breaks Silence on Mohbad’s Passing

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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In the wake of the tragic passing of the young Nigerian artist Mohbad, the entertainment industry has been abuzz with discussions, speculations, and debates. One notable figure who had remained silent on the matter until recently is cross-dresser James Brown, known for his outspoken nature.

James Brown’s silence on the topic of Mohbad’s tragic death had sparked curiosity among fans and the media, considering his history of speaking out on issues close to his heart. However, he recently broke his silence on his Instagram story with a message that read:

Hey Durlings, It took me time to understand everything about Mohbad’s demise. I am familiar with his song but not too close to him personally. When I heard the news I was on set, I did not know how to react. After a proper explanation from my PA & Team, I now understand everything. I am so sorry (MY DURLINGS). I can feel the pain of the youths. #justiceformohbad ?”

James Brown’s vivacious personality and outspoken nature have often made headlines. Recently, he offered a message of caution to fellow cross-dresser Bobrisky, who had undergone a surgical procedure to enhance his body. While Bobrisky had promised to “break the internet” with photos of his surgically enhanced figure, James Brown urged him to “calm down,” sharing on his Instagram story:

I actually saw Bobrisky’s post, and I’m like, girl, I am happy you are okay. I sent my condolence last time about your father. Hope you’re good and perfect. Girl, I saw it, new update, but girl calm down.”

This move to urge restraint in the face of Bobrisky’s transformation piqued the curiosity of fans and followers, as James Brown has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind on various topics, including social and political issues.

Last month, James Brown found himself in the spotlight when he weighed in on the arrests of over 100 individuals in Nigeria on charges related to homosexuality. In his typical manner, James Brown shared his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing the limitations on expressing one’s sexual orientation in Nigeria. He spoke about the current societal norms and legal constraints in the country, expressing his sympathy for those arrested and urging Nigerians to use their rights while respecting the existing limitations.

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