Jidenna Opens Up About Past Mistreatment of Women and Rethinking Masculinity

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian-American singer Jidenna has candidly addressed his past behavior, admitting that he mistreated women and manipulated them in relationships.

In a reflective moment, he shared that he realizes he robbed some women of their precious baby-making years and expressed regret for his actions.

Jidenna confessed to using manipulative words such as,

No one is going to love you the way I do,” and acknowledged that he dragged women along while they supported and built him up.

I robbed some women of their baby-making years. I manipulated them with words like ‘No one is going to love you like I do.’ Look at me now. And look at them,” he said.

The singer further explained how he incorporated women into his creative work, providing them with jobs and taking on the role of a provider and protector. However, he expressed shame for his past actions and recognized the negative impact on the women involved.

Jidenna’s introspective revelation sheds light on the complexities of relationships and the importance of self-reflection in addressing past mistakes.

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