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Kazim Adeoti and First Wife Funsho Reunite in Viral Video

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Social media is abuzz with reactions to a trending video featuring Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Kazim Adeoti, and his first wife, Funsho Adeoti.

The video, which has garnered significant attention online, shows the couple at a ceremony in Minnesota, United States, on Saturday, June 8.

In the clip, Kazim is seen spraying wads of dollar bills on Funsho, who remains composed and holds the money tightly. At one point, Kazim reprimands a man for aggressively tossing money at his wife. This public interaction comes after their marriage faced turmoil following Kazim’s marriage to Mercy Aigbe, sparking widespread controversy.

Social media users were quick to comment on the apparent tension between the couple. One user noted,

She seems so irritated but the steeze must be maintained,” while another observed, “The love is not there anymore from the wife because she didn’t even move or feel him at all.”

The history of Kazim and Funsho’s relationship has been tumultuous. Their nearly 20-year marriage was strained after Kazim allegedly blindsided Funsho by marrying Mercy Aigbe. Last year, Funsho expressed her sorrow over their broken marriage, particularly on what would have been their 20th wedding anniversary on February 15, 2023. Despite their separation, they have not officially divorced.

In 2022, Funsho publicly called out Kazim and Mercy, demanding the removal of photos from a house she partly owns. She revealed her regret over the marriage and vowed to speak her truth. Kazim, however, refuted her claims, asserting he built the house independently, with Funsho contributing only to the furnishing, which he claimed to have repaid.

Their story made headlines again when Kazim and Mercy appeared on a magazine cover, addressing their relationship and the ensuing controversy. They shared insights into their marriage, aiming to clarify misconceptions and provide their side of the story.

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