Nancy Iheme Replies to Marriage Destruction Allegations

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In the realm of Nollywood drama, a recent controversy has unfolded as Nancy Iheme, a famous actress, responded to allegations made by Sandra Iheuwa regarding her supposed role in the destruction of Sandra’s marriage to Steve Thompson. The feud took an intense turn as Nancy referred to Sandra as an attention-seeker in a now-deleted post on her Instagram story.

Frustrated by the accusations, Nancy Iheme told Sandra to continue her search for someone to blame, as she claimed not to be the sole culprit responsible for the alleged demise of Sandra’s extravagant 100 million naira wedding. In her response, Nancy hinted that she might take legal action to settle the matter and support their claims in court.

Addressing Sandra directly, Nancy sternly warned her not to approach her, emphasizing that she was not the one who shattered Sandra’s heart. The actress expressed surprise at her involvement in the controversy and clarified that she and Sandra were not friends.  Then, Nancy took a direct jab at Sandra, alluding to her marriage to an unnamed individual associated with the telecommunications giant MTN and accusing her of seeking attention by involving others in her alleged misfortunes.


Nancy defiantly declared that she would sue Sandra and her ex-husband, Steve Thompson if they did not provide concrete evidence to support their claims. Nancy said that she didn’t believe Steve had been negatively impacted by their alleged involvement. She pointed out that he had a history of making similar claims about celebrities.  However, Nancy dismissed the accusations, asserting she had no personal connection with Sandra’s ex-husband.

The fiery exchange between the actresses concluded with Nancy urging her to lick her wounds and move on, emphasizing that she was not worth further discussion or attention. Nancy firmly distanced herself from the allegations and expressed her desire to put the entire ordeal behind her.

As the Nollywood drama unfolds, fans and followers speculate on the truth behind the claims and their impact on the individuals involved. We will only know the full extent of the controversy and whether anyone will take legal action to clarify the situation when time passes.

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