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Portable Accuses Davido of Using Him for Clout Without Compensation

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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In a recent video making rounds online, Nigerian singer Portable has openly criticized his fellow artist, Davido.

The contentious singer accused Davido of using him to trend without offering any monetary compensation or a music feature. Portable expressed his frustration, saying,

Davido, you ripped me. You saw that I was in America, you invited me and gave me shoes. You didn’t give me money. You didn’t give me a feature, you used me to trend.”

The video has sparked various reactions from netizens. Princeton commented,

Davido never see anything,” while Chuks Ohax added,

The attention you are seeking, Davido won’t give you.

Funmi pointed out, “Even if he used you to trend, didn’t you also trend in the process? It’s a win-win situation, plus he gifted you. This Portable sef Ehn.”

Other users had mixed feelings about the situation. Lambo remarked, “What Davido deserves cos what was he thinking,” and Ola of Somolu noted,

See the kind of whining and disrespect Davido dey bring upon himself and his fans all in the name of good heart. Kai, this is embarrassing, man.” King Asalit simply stated, “Omo na Davido I blame Sha,” while Favorite Baby expressed frustration, “We are tired werey.”

Hamilton questioned the singer’s expectations, saying,

Make e give you shoe still come give you money and featuring because e be Father Christmas.”

Last week,  after being treated to dinner and gifted a luxury shoe, Portable lashed out at Davido for giving him what he described as bad advice. He criticized Davido, who is signed to Sony Music, for advising him against signing with the label and instead suggested he sign with Empire and collect an advance. Portable claimed that he, too, is pursuing a Grammy, just like Davido.

Additionally, Portable accused fellow artist Zlatan Ibile of trying to create tension between him and Davido. He alleged that during their time in Atlanta, Zlatan called Davido, warning him to “behave himself” around Portable. Disappointed by this, Portable advised Zlatan to stay out of his affairs.

Following these accusations, Davido unfollowed Portable on Instagram, which further enraged the singer. Portable argued that if Davido’s rival, Wizkid, had featured him in a song, he wouldn’t need to plead for support from Davido.

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