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Portable Celebrates Son’s Birthday Amid Family Dynamics

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Portable, known for his controversial persona, celebrated his son Opeyemi Atanda’s birthday alongside his wife, Bewaji.

In a touching Instagram post, Bewaji expressed her love and pride for their son, showering him with prayers for a prosperous and joyful life.

Happy birthday, my son. Today, you turn another year older, and I’m proud of you, my love. Wishing you long life and prosperity. May your light shine bright, and you always know how loved you are. May God bless you with a life filled with joy, adventure, and passion. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OPEYEMI ATANDA MI,” she wrote.

This gesture was appreciated by many of her followers who joined in celebrating the toddler.

Interestingly, Portable managed to take time out from his ongoing Instagram Live rant against Davido to engage with Bewaji’s post, liking it and showing his support for their son’s special day.

In a heartwarming display of family unity, Portable’s other partners also joined in celebrating Opeyemi. Ashabi, one of Portable’s baby mamas, reposted Bewaji’s birthday photos and shared her own prayers for the toddler.

Happy birthday to you, brother. May we continue to have reasons to thank GOD in your life, Opeyemi. Continue to grow in GOD’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. May things fall in place for you and make you live an easy life as your name, ATANDA,” she wrote. Bewaji responded with gratitude, appreciating Ashabi’s kind words.

The family dynamic took another positive turn when Queen Dami, another of Portable’s partners, also celebrated Opeyemi’s birthday on Instagram.

Happy birthday, darling son Opeyemi. May you continue to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Long life and prosperity, Atanda Omo ola,” she posted. Bewaji thanked Queen Dami for her affectionate message.

These interactions come after Bewaji recently commented on a playful video shared by Ashabi, acknowledging the importance of managing and tolerating each other.

This birthday celebration also comes amid Portable’s public disputes with his partners. Recently, he had issues with Ashabi over her announcement that she is expecting his second child. Despite the tension, Ashabi still showed support for Bewaji and her children, indicating a complex yet supportive family environment.

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