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Portable’s Second Baby Mama, Honey Berry, Accuses Him of Neglecting Their Son

by HardeyhorlahLizzy
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Honey Berry, the second baby mama of controversial singer Portable, has taken to Instagram Live to accuse him of neglecting their son. She claimed that Portable had not provided any financial support for their child for over four months, labelling him a deadbeat father.

During her Instagram Live session, Honey Berry pleaded with Portable to fulfill his responsibilities as a father and financially support their son. She emphasized that it’s unacceptable for another man to provide for his child while he is alive and capable of doing so.

Honey Berry also revealed that she was unaware of Portable’s marital status until she became pregnant with his child. She alleged that Portable had attempted to create animosity between her and his wife, Bewaji, but she refused to engage in such conflicts and has maintained contact with Bewaji.

In a stern warning to Portable, Honey Berry urged him to respect himself and threatened to expose his secrets, potentially ending his career if he continued to neglect their child.

Her statement on Instagram Live included:

I shouldn’t be doing a video for you ’cause I get sense pass you. Bring money, so I can take care of your son, my father can’t be the one taking care of him. For almost 4/5 months now you haven’t sent money. Take care of your son cause if I spill everything, your career will end. Your wife is a good girl, despite how you tried stopping her from chatting with me, she still chats with me. Na man you be, respect yourself.”

This revelation by Portable’s second baby mama has stirred controversy and discussions on social media regarding parental responsibilities and the relationships between celebrities and their children.

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