Receptionist at Hilton Hotel, Ile-Ife, Sentenced to 2 Years Prison

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Receptionist at Hilton Hotel Sentenced to 2 Years

A shocking development that has gripped the nation is that Adedeji Adesola, the receptionist on duty at Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife, Osun State, has received a two-year prison sentence.
The court has convicted the receptionist of conspiring to fabricate evidence and conceal that Timothy Adegoke, a former OAU postgraduate student, had stayed at Hilton Hotels before his murder. Adesola’s counsel and the prosecution’s pleas for leniency caused a delay in her sentencing. The court sentenced Dr. Ramon Adedoyin and two hotel staff members to death for their involvement in Adegoke’s murder before Adesola’s conviction. Adesola’s defence counsel appealed for leniency during the trial based on her age and circumstances.

In delivering the judgement, Justice Ojo acknowledged the plea for leniency and considered the provisions of Section 411 of the Constitution. She stated,

I have considered the passionate plea of the 7th defendant and the submission of the prosecution on the need to temper justice with mercy. I have observed and considered the sober disposition of the 7th defendant in court throughout the trial.”

The judge further emphasized her awareness of the circumstances surrounding Adesola’s case and the relevant legal provisions, ultimately sentencing her to two years in prison, starting from the day of her arrest.


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