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Regina Daniels Stuns in Mercy Johnson’s 13-Year-Old Wedding Gown

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Nollywood star Regina Daniels was swept up in an emotional moment recently, as she donned the wedding gown of her senior colleague, Mercy Johnson.

The touching scene unfolded during a film project where Mercy cast Regina, and couldn’t resist sharing the nostalgic experience of seeing Regina clad in the gown that holds 13 years of cherished memories.

Mercy Johnson, known for her emotional depth both on and off screen, captured the poignant moment in a heartfelt video. In the clip, she tenderly assists Regina as she slips into the gown, which had once been the centerpiece of Mercy’s own wedding day. Purity, Mercy’s eldest daughter, was also present, adding to the sentimentality of the occasion.

Regina, visibly moved by the significance of the gesture, exclaimed joyfully,

Can you see? I’m wearing Mummy’s dress from 13 years ago. Purity, see, I wore it before you.”

Mercy, equally touched by the moment, responded with affection, “You look so precious, like I’m getting emotional.”

Sharing the video on social media, Mercy described Regina as her “own child,” expressing her delight at seeing her in the gown that symbolizes such an important chapter of her life.

Fans and followers of both actresses flooded the comments with messages of admiration and support for their heartwarming bond. Many praised Mercy Johnson for her generosity in sharing such a personal piece of her life with Regina, highlighting the genuine friendship between the two stars.

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