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Skills To Help You Make Money In The “Wedding Industry”.

by Frederick Akinola
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People get married every single day. When I say every single day, I mean every day of the week, literally. There is no day that passes by that a person isn’t getting married somewhere. A lot of vendors and services are required to make a wedding successful. And many people earn a living by providing these required services. In fact, the wedding industry is probably the biggest industry in the country that doesn’t get a lot of hype. Let us see 4 skills you can acquire to tap into the rich ‘wedding industry’.

Fashion Design

close up of sewing on a machine

Nobody goes to a wedding naked.  And for an African wedding, you will definitely need a fashion designer to make multiple dresses. People don’t buy ready-made clothes. There is traditional attire flying here and there. From elaborate, stylish dresses for the bride and her train, to elegant senators and agbada for the groom and his guys. You have clothes for the family, and clothes people will make to match the colour of the day. If you learn fashion design and get really good at it, you will benefit greatly from the constant weddings taking place.

Photography and Video Coverage

a camera

Nowadays at weddings, you don’t just see cameras flashing, you see drones flying all over the place making that buzzing sound like a giant bee with dramatic aerial shots that make the ceremony seem like a Hollywood movie. You take pictures to preserve memories. Also, you make videos to watch in years to come and laugh at how terrible a dancer you’ve always been. Photographers charge big bucks to cover weddings. And many live comfortable lives with an almost exclusive focus on wedding coverage.

Catering and Baking

wedding cake

We attend weddings to eat and drink and celebrate with the couple and their families. Without food and drinks, there’s no wedding party. That will just be one sad occasion. That’s where the Caterer comes in. Their job is to provide food and food service for the occasion. The baker makes the cake. The famous cake, seated in the front in all its glory. You might consider acquiring the skills if you find baking and catering attractive.

Event Planning

An event planning binder

Event planners coordinate every detail of an event, from beginning to end. Because a couple might not have the time to carry the heavy load of planning their wedding. They could choose to hire the services of an event planner. This is not an easy job, especially for large occasions. It requires a high level of coordination. You should understudy an event planner to see if you’ll be capable to delve into that line.

Bear in mind there are other skills you could acquire that can be useful at weddings. You could learn facial make-up, how to tie gele, make invitation cards, and many other things.


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