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The Healthy Guide to Preventing Diabetes.

by Frederick Akinola
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Diabetes is a condition that causes a person to have an excessive level of blood sugar. The disease upsets the normal process of transferring sugar from the bloodstream into cells that need it for energy. The result is damage to vital organs and impairment of blood circulation, sometimes leading to toe or foot amputation, blindness, and kidney disease. A large proportion of diabetes patients die of heart attacks or strokes. If you already have diabetes, there are tips here for controlling it.

How You Can Reduce The Risk

Have Your Level of Blood Sugar Tested

A medical disorder known as pre-diabetes​—a condition in which blood sugar is moderately higher than normal​—often precedes type 2 diabetes. Both conditions are unhealthy, but there is a difference: Although diabetes can be controlled, it cannot yet be cured. On the other hand, some pre-diabetics have been able to bring their blood sugar back to normal levels. This is why it is good to check your sugar level often if you are in a high-risk group. According to reports, millions of people move around with pre-diabetes, but they don’t know.  If you are overweight, not physically active, or have a family history of diabetes, you might already have pre-diabetes. A blood test can tell you if you do.

Choose Healthy Food.

To prevent diabetes, you need to eat healthily. You may need to cut down on the amount of food you eat. Eat in smaller portions.  Instead of sugary fruit juice and carbonated beverages, drink water or tea. Cut down on refined foods. Take more natural food and vegetables.

Stay Physically Active.

Exercise can lower your blood sugar and help you maintain a healthy weight. Swap some TV time for exercise time, recommends one expert. You cannot change your genes, but you can change your lifestyle. Doing what you can to improve your health is worth the effort.

Don’t Smoke

Smokers are susceptible to diabetes. They are 50% more likely to have diabetes than non-smokers. Heavy smokers are even more at risk. If you smoke, you have to struggle with the addiction, as it makes you vulnerable to other illnesses, not just diabetes.

Avoid Alcohol

If you already drink alcohol, the key is to keep your consumption in the moderate range, as higher amounts of alcohol could increase diabetes risk.  If you do not, that’s nice. Then use your energy to work on losing weight, exercising more, and changing your eating patterns.

We want to remember that our health is very important. Life is short, yes. But it can be sweet as well. Conscious, persistent effort is required to stay healthy, and with determination, we can get it done.

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