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Top 5 fashion brands in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Ozoamalu
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Ever wondered what the top 5 fashion brands in Nigeria are? Nigerian fashion brands have some of the best quality fashion in Africa. Here are the five top brands that you should know about if you are looking to stand out;

  1. Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is a Nigerian fashion brand that offers a high-quality and unique style to its customers. The brand was founded in 2016 by Deola Ade-Ojo, who also runs an online store called Deola Brand Shop. It has since grown to become one of the best fashion brands in Nigeria today because of its commitment to providing good quality products at affordable prices.

The company’s name means ‘Garden’ in the Yoruba language. This is in reference to their commitment to growing sustainable business practices. They do this by sourcing raw materials locally whenever possible and protecting the environment through recycling processes whenever necessary.

  1. Tiffany Amber

Tiffany Amber is an online store based in Nigeria, offering a wide range of clothing to people of different sizes, senses of styles and genders. The brand has been around since 2000, making it one of the oldest Nigerian brands on this list. With many styles to choose from, Tiffany Amber is a great online store to choose from.

In addition to its wide range of clothing options, Tiffany Amber also offers accessories like bags and hats. All of these can be found on their website or through social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Orange Culture

Orange Culture is a Nigerian clothing brand that is popular in Nigeria and other countries. The company was founded by a Nigerian fashion designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal. It has over 10 years of experience in the industry and produces high-quality products at affordable prices. Their clothes are available in different colours, sizes and styles so you can find the perfect item to suit your taste.

  1. Ituen Bassey

Ituen Basi was founded in 2010 by Mrs Ituen Basi. The company is considered to be the first indigenous Nigerian designer brand. It is also known as one of Nigeria’s most popular clothing brands.

  1. Loza Maleombho

Loza Maleombho has been around for years and has become quite popular among celebrities. The brand’s clothing has high quality, which is what makes it so popular with the rich and famous. The company also offers a wide range of clothing for men, women and children at great prices. This makes it an affordable option for those who want to look stylish without spending too much on their wardrobe!

Nigeria has some of the best quality clothing in Africa. Our brands are known for their high-quality designs and materials. They are also known for their unique style and affordability.

Nigerian fashion has always been one of the most popular styles in Africa. This is most likely because it’s very versatile. It allows you to wear it however you choose without having to worry about the fit or cost. 

These are the 5 best clothing brands in Nigeria. You should definitely check out the brands that we have listed here and see if they have something you would like. 

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