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Toyin Abraham Addresses Allegations of Arresting Troll’s Mother

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Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has lashed out at critics following accusations that she arrested a troll’s mother.

This incident has sparked heated debates on social media, with reactions ranging from support to condemnation.

The drama began when an X user accused the actress of such actions, calling her shameless and urging her to send more police to arrest others.

In response, Toyin Abraham clarified her stance, stating that while she can tolerate personal insults and name-calling, she draws the line at people cursing her children and spreading lies. She explained that she never arrested the user’s mother but had reported cybercrime, exercising her rights as a citizen.

The X user, however, insisted that the actress had his mother picked up from her shop and taken to Panti police station. He further prayed for divine judgment upon her. Toyin Abraham countered these claims, calling them lies and explaining her side of the situation.

Taking to Instagram Live, Toyin reiterated her position, emphasizing that she never arrested anyone’s mother and only acted within her democratic rights. She claimed that the backlash she faces is because she supported a political figure and denied any monetary gain from her support. She also mentioned receiving threatening messages as a result of this controversy.

Weeks earlier, Toyin Abraham was reported to have had an X user arrested for cyberbullying and defamation after he wished death upon her son. According to sources, the police came from Lagos to arrest the individual.

During the recent election period, Toyin openly supported President Tinubu’s administration, which led to significant backlash. She faced intense trolling, with some petitioning her brands and urging Netflix to take down her movies. Despite the pressure, Toyin stood firm, stating that she had never experienced such bullying before.

Popular skit maker Mr. Macaroni also weighed in, advising Toyin to pursue legal action through the courts rather than using police intervention. He cautioned against the misuse of power and highlighted the potential consequences for those who support such actions.

Meanwhile, veteran Nollywood actor Saidi Balogun defended Toyin, criticizing those who condemned her for actions they themselves might take. He argued that celebrities should have the freedom to protect their mental space without facing judgment.

In a recent turn of events, Toyin’s Wikipedia page was edited to label her as a bully, and Nigerians have been petitioning Netflix to boycott her movies. Amid the controversy, Toyin released a troll from police custody, although she has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

As the saga unfolds, fellow actress Wumi Toriola shared a message on social media about the importance of peace and calmness amidst storms, indirectly referencing the ongoing drama.

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