Youths to ECOWAS- “Cancel Presidential Result”

by John Ojewale
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protest to ECOWAS

ECOWAS, the economic community of West African countries, received a letter from Nigerian youths on Tuesday. The letter urged the federal government to nullify the February 25 presidential election. The youth group stormed ECOWAS headquarter in Abuja to protest the way the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conducted the 2023 presidential elections.

The youths expressed their dissatisfaction with the election results, stormed into ECOWAS headquarters and demanded that the elections be annulled.

On behalf of the disadvantaged youth, Moses Ogidi-Paul, organizer of the Free Nigeria Movement urged the international community, especially ECOWAS, to call on the government of Nigeria to annul the presidential election and set up an interim committee, pending the conduct of a fresh poll.

He said-

“Our country needs healing. It will be counterproductive to allow a fraudulent process to subsist as fraud will eternally birth fraud. We cannot grow our democracy on falsehood and suspicion. The holes in our national fabric must be woven shut. One way is to immediately establish a Truth and Reconciliation Committee in Lagos State and other flashpoints of voter intimidation and violence during the presidential, National Assembly, governorship and state assembly elections. This will help build trust, confidence and further ethnic cooperation among Nigerians.

“As concerned citizens, we believe that our country is destined for greatness and are hopeful that in no distant time, our faith will nudge our dreams to reality. This is our prayer as we nurse the bruises of hope. For though they force us to the precipice, we will not curse our country or stand by those who curse it. We will not steal from our country whatever treasures it possesses in dignity. We will hold on to the promise of unity and faith, peace and progress.”

The ECOWAS Director of Administration and General Services who received the letter thanked the youths for conducting themselves peacefully. He also promised to forward the letter to the appropriate quarters for onward action.


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