How To Get Along With Your Teachers.

by Frederick Akinola
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Nearly every student has encountered teachers who seem unfair, too demanding, or just plain mean. If you have a tough teacher, you don’t have to resign yourself to a school year of misery. Try the following suggestions.

Be Adaptable.

Try to figure out what your teacher expects from you, and do your best to comply. Teachers differ in what they want from their students. For instance, you might think your teacher is mean, but all they want is a quiet class. If the class is quiet, you might begin to see the teacher become more accommodating.

Be Respectful.

Try to speak graciously to your teachers. Never talk back to them, even if you think they deserve it. Remember, they rightly see you as a student, not their peer. Teachers don’t always get the respect they deserve from students, so your efforts to dignify your teachers can make a big difference in how they treat you.

Be Understanding.

Teachers are human too. That means they have pressures and anxieties, just like everyone else. So don’t simply conclude, ‘My teacher is mean’ or ‘My teacher hates me’. Teachers have a really hard job. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine doing the work that they do, then you’ll understand why they may have to be tough on you sometimes.

Talk to your Parents.

Your parents are your best supporters. They want you to succeed at school, and their advice can help you deal with a difficult teacher. Parents have a lot more experience in resolving difficulties than young people do. So listen to their advice. It can help you succeed. If unfortunately, you don’t have parents, talk to someone who is mature and has experience in life.
Also, try to talk to your teacher. In a calm and non-confrontational way, ask your teacher for help. Make it clear that you want to cooperate.

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