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Things To Remember For your First trip by Air.

by Frederick Akinola
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If you’re about to experience your first trip by air for the first time, you’re in the right place.  Let’s see some of the things you need to do to ensure you’re on the right track for your trip.

Check luggage Requirements.

Typically you could check in your luggage and also have a carry-on bag. The luggage you check in goes to the luggage area, while the carry-on goes with you into the plane. Before your flight, visit your airline’s website to review luggage size and weight restrictions, as well as baggage fees. If you overpack, you will need to pay for the extra weight. Also, If your carry-on bag is too bulky, you may have to pay to check it. Likewise, if your checked bag is over a certain size, you may have to pay a higher-than-usual fee to check it. It’s best to avoid these surprises, if possible.

Pack Essentials in your Carry-On  Luggage.

Essential items should be with you in your carry-on bag, not in your checked bag. Things you will need during the flight and things that are valuable like certificates, ID cards, money, and medicine. This way you won’t be without them in the rare event your checked bag goes missing or is delayed.

Arrive at the Airport Two Hours Early.

Never take time for granted. Boarding a plane isn’t like flagging down a taxi on the highway. It is recommended that you’re at the airport two hours before the time for a domestic flight and three hours for an international flight. You need to give yourself enough time to get your boarding pass, check your bags and go through security. You don’t want to do this in a hurry and end up forgetting something. Also, it’s good to remember boarding begins 30 minutes to time.

Keep your ID close.

At almost every point in a trip by air, you will have to present a valid means of identification: National Identity Card, Driver’s License, International Passport, or Voters Card to confirm you’re the person booked to travel and be issued a boarding pass.

Other things to remember: You’ll need to empty the contents of your pocket, and remove your hat, belt, jacket and bulky jewellery. Remove your laptops and liquid from your bag, send the items and your bag through an x-ray machine and walk through a metal detector or body scanner. Respect other passengers’ space.

Do have a wonderful trip and enjoy the most of your experience!

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