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Stand-Up Comedian Bovi Ugboma Shares Insights on Relationship with Basketmouth

by Olakunle Shojobi
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Bovi Ugboma, a well-known Nigerian stand-up comic, has talked publicly about his friendship with Basketmouth, his more senior colleague. Bovi revealed in a recent interview with media personality Chude that he has broken off his association with Basketmouth because he has decided that it is now time for him to establish his brand and focus more on himself.

There is a limit to how far some people can push you, he continued, and eventually, you will need to stand up and advance further. The energy they had back then was a phase, and now they are in other phases, Bovi continued, adding that he and Basketmouth are still cool.

In his words, because he’s brand, you put Basketmouth’s name on anything and it’s going. So I think, over the years, my mission was to become a brand as well, a big one and there’s a stage where brands grow to and the room becomes too small, you’ll have to basically find your way, that now allows room for more people to come on board. I decided, you know what, it’s time to grow your brand and focus on you now. So I’ll take responsibility for my own decision. We are human beings, there will always be skirmishes, I mean, it’s also part of pop culture. We were young and restless and stuff like that. So I just realize that as I said earlier, the biggest service you can do for yourself is to push yourself. If you wait for somebody to say, ‘come let me take you’, you might wait forever. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen but there’s also a limit to how far certain people can take you. You have to get up and move to break new ground


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