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11 Traits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Being emotionally intelligent plays an important role in our work-life balance. While not everyone may have this ability, it would be beneficial for one to learn it.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

Here are some traits of highly emotionally intelligent people you could also imbibe’

They are self-aware

Self-awareness involves the ability to recognise how your moods, emotions or feelings influence other people. An individual who is self-aware understands how his actions and choices affect others around him or her and know well to make necessary adjustments.

They can effectively regulate their emotions

This involves the ability to put your emotions in  check, emotionally intelligent people often think before they act, They consider how their actions can impact others and make necessary adjustments.

They have a good sense of motivation

Emotionally intelligent people are those who stay focused and motivated in the achievement of their goals. Even when perturbed, they do not express this but focus on managing their behaviour and feelings in order to achieve their long term goal.

They are empathetic

Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic. They also effort to understand the emotions of others. In order to know how to interact or relate with others, it is important to understand how they think or feel about events.

This is possible through effective communication, realising this will give you an idea on how to respond.

They have very good social skills

Emotionally intelligent people are good at managing people. They have very good social skills. This is because they consider the feelings of others as well as theirs before making decisions. They know how to deal with people effectively and are invested in maintaining healthy social relationships.

They are expressive

Emotionally intelligent people are not only empathetic towards the cause of others but are also good at expressing it. They are expressive both in their thoughts and actions. They keep communication lines open and this way are able to endear many to themselves.

They have a good sense of judgement

Emotionally intelligent people have a good sense of judgement. They are able to observe the situation and correctly identify the true source of their feelings and work on it.

They are positive

Emotional intelligent people are positive and always focus on the positive side of events even when unfavourable and move on. They focus on finding solution(s) to a problem rather than sleeping on it. They are forward-thinking and willing to let go of the past.

They are happy people

Emotionally intelligent people are very happy people. They know what keeps them happy and they sustain and equally derive pleasure in ensuring that others are happy as well. They spend their time around positive people like themselves.

They are self-confident

Emotionally intelligent people are self-confident people and are unperturbed about what others feel or say to them. They do not brood over public opinion. their self-confidence stems from a place of self-awareness and nothing contrary can get them to feel otherwise.

They are Flexible

Highly emotionally intelligent people embrace new ideas, and changes are open to learning and continue to grow and evolve. They are open to changing their minds if someone presents an idea that is a better fit.

However, while being open to ideas from others, they ultimately trust themselves and their own judgement to make the best decision for themselves.

I hope you learnt a lot from this article, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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