5 Ways to Guide Your Struggling TEENAGER

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Guiding your teenager

The teenage year is a sensitive phase in the life of every individual. It is a time of all-around growth and development. Teenagers experience physical, emotional and social development at this stage of their lives and are faced with challenges including social anxiety and mood swings. They do this all while dealing with academic difficulties, social anxiety, or other challenges which can be exhausting for them.

Hence, the role of a parent cannot be overemphasized. You as a parent play a pivotal role in ensuring that your teenagers grow up under very good conditions to become responsible and respectable individuals. Thus, knowing what ways you can be of support to your teenager would make so much difference.

Below are some useful tips to help you provide your teenager with the best support in order to help him or her get through this phase in life.

Encourage them to be more expressive.

As a parent, it is important that you encourage your teen to be honest with you. Create an environment that helps them discuss the feelings, emotions, concerns and fears they have. This is so you can be better able to help them understand and manage their emotions better. It will also help you know how to offer your support efficiently.

Do note that this requires some time and patience as getting words from them may not be as easy as it sounds. Teenagers may seem a little unwilling or shy about opening up to you. However, being consistent in your approach and assuring them of your understanding will go a long way in creating comfort.  Ensuring them of your availability at any time to have discussions would help them to be more relaxed and eventually open up to you about it. You can also check out different healthy suggestions on how to be expressive for them here.

Live a life worthy of emulation.

You are your teenager’s first role model and instructor, therefore as a parent, you need to ensure that you act well in this capacity. This, however, does not equal being perfect. It simply requires putting some effort into ensuring that you set a very good example for your teen to follow by guiding him or her right.

Educate them about stress management.

A struggling teen needs to be guided on how to effectively manage his or her emotions, stress and anxiety at this point as this will help him or her to cope with difficult situations and avoid unhealthy behaviour. Engaging in deep breathing exercises or journal/diary keeping could be very helpful in this case to help them build a resilient spirit and cope with challenges.

Encourage your teenager to embrace positivism.

Encourage your teenager to always look out for the positive side of events to avoid being downcast. Teach them to always make positive self-confessions that remind them of their strength, potential, accomplishments and so on. this way, they are able to convert negative thoughts into positive ones and this can, in turn, boost their self-confidence and esteem.

Consult a professional.

Seeking the help of a professional could be a last resort, particularly if the situation is beyond your control.  If your teenager is dealing with serious mental health issues, it is important to seek the help of a professional counsellor or coach who can help him or her effectively manage his or her emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

The professional should also be able to guide you on how to provide your teens with the necessary assistance.

Most importantly, you need to seek God’s face when raising your teenager, this should not be overlooked as no man can by his own strength prevail. Thus, the help of God remains very crucial in successful parenting.

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