Adopt November 16 as National Tolerance, Peaceful Co-existence Day – NOA

by John Ojewale
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Garba Abari, the Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), stated that by designating November 16 as National Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence Day, Nigerians will foster unity in the country. Speaking at an event on national tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Abuja on Thursday, he revealed that the day will be set aside each year to commemorate the country’s unity in diversity.

According to the NOA’s president, it will also be a day to raise awareness of national ideals. These ideals include discipline, honesty, labour dignity, social justice, religious tolerance, and self-reliance.

He went on to say that it is typical for people to have implicit and unconscious prejudices. The prejudices would naturally influence how they think or feel about persons of various ethnicities.

Abari further asserts that these unconscious prejudices are the main cause of society’s discord. Particularly the seeming lack of inclusion of diversity in the nation’s developing democracy.

He said-

“The festival is essential to prime the hearts of Nigerians annually on the need to respect and appreciate our diversities while creating an inclusive system necessary for national development”.



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