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Am I Ready To Date?

by Frederick Akinola
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Nowadays, people see dating as a very casual thing.  But it should not be a joke. It involves the feelings of others. It requires time and commitment. Your romantic interest is focused on one particular person and that person’s interest is focused on you.  Do you think you’re ready for that sort of commitment?

Why do you want to date?

Do not be pressured to date because your friends have boyfriends and girlfriends. Dating should have an honorable purpose. Some date because they want to get to know a person better. Others do to determine if they want to get married. Some do because they need companionship. Some have plans to raise a family with their partner. Many have no reason; they have simply fallen in love and can’t live without their partner.

Try not to have a casual view of dating. Do not date a friend to showcase your partner as a trophy or an accessory to be seen with in public to boost your self-esteem. Clearly, when you date someone, you’re affecting that person’s feelings. So be sure your intentions are honourable.

Are you old enough?

You might need to put off dating until you’re old enough to know yourself better. As you get older your interests, likes and dislikes will most likely change. This person you think you love today, you might not find interesting tomorrow.  The fact that your peers are dating does not mean you are ready. Do not date to experiment with sex.  By waiting until you’re past the bloom of youth, you can make better, more informed choices, and select a good mate.

Being pressured to date before you’re ready would be like being forced to take a final exam for a course that you’ve barely started. Obviously, that wouldn’t be fair! You need time to study your subject so that you can become familiar with the kind of problems you’ll face in the test.

What to do if you’re not ready

If you are a teenager or think you are too young to date, enjoy your youth. You have time to prepare yourself by developing your personality and becoming a more mature individual.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the company of the opposite sex, as platonic friends. If you focus on one person too soon, you set yourself up for heartache. So take your time. Use this period of your life to learn how to cultivate and maintain friendships. Later, if you choose to date, you’ll have a better idea of who you are and what you need in a lifelong partner.

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