Teachers Institute Commissioned by Ben Ayade

by John Ojewale
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Teachers Institute Commissioned by Ben Ayade

On Wednesday, Ben Ayade, the Governor of Cross River State, officially opened a Teachers Continuous Training Institute in the state’s Biase Local Government Area.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, the Ayade government established the institute to train and retrain teachers as one of its legacy initiatives. During the institute’s unveiling, Ayade emphasized that it would offer a platform for recognizing and honouring teachers.

According to the governor said, “This school represents the fountain of knowledge in character, intellect, learning and relearning and poise of the people.

“The intent was to create a horizon for students to learn and become amazons in their endeavours. Therefore, this school was designed to improve the quality of learning and improve the knowledge of teachers in the country.

“The good news is that once a teacher goes through the first three months, then six months, and finally nine months of training, and gets certified in West Africa, that teacher gets upgraded and earns befitting salaries because they can now impact extraordinary knowledge”.

Ayade chose Ivara Esu’s local government as the institute’s site, recognizing Esu’s fidelity and commitment as the state’s deputy governor.

He further stated, “For eight years, he (Esu) provided a shoulder for me to lean on. He is a professor who has taught people who are now professors today.

“There are some deputies who cannot point at anything they did for their people for eight years, but here you are standing tall before your people.”

The Governor further added;

In his words, “Today l am the happiest man because of the establishment of this institute here in Biase. I want to say to my brother, friend, and son, (Senator) Professor Ben Ayade, thank you so much. My relationship with you will be for life. As l retire, l retire very happily to my village.

“This institute is the gateway to Biase and we are very happy that this institution is in Biase”.



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