Biola Bayo Shares Heartbreak Over Plight of Overseas Couple

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress Biola Bayo recently took to social media to express her deep distress over the troubling situation faced by a Nigerian couple residing overseas, drawing attention to their heart-wrenching ordeal.

According to Biola Bayo, the couple reached out to her seeking assistance in navigating a dire situation. Allegedly, their three children were taken into custody by UK authorities after their eldest child reported being physically disciplined by them, a practice strictly regulated in the UK.

The couple, in a desperate bid for help, pleaded if they could engage a black solicitor to offer pro bono legal counsel. Distressed by the unfolding tragedy, Biola Bayo shared snippets of their conversation online, revealing the anguish and fear gripping the family.

Expressing solidarity with the distraught couple, Biola Bayo captioned her post with a poignant message: “My heart is bleeding reading this,” sparking a flood of empathetic responses from her followers.

While some sympathized with the parents’ plight, others expressed skepticism, suggesting potential reasons for the UK authorities’ intervention. Nonetheless, many offered practical advice and support, urging the couple to collaborate with social services and seek community assistance.

In addition to her advocacy for the overseas couple, Biola Bayo has been vocal about mental health issues within the entertainment industry. She recently celebrated the return of her colleague, Osoba Temitope, to the movie industry after a hiatus to address mental health challenges.

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