Bobrisky Sparks Protests in Benin City Over Controversial Remarks About Oba of Benin

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Benin City, Edo, witnessed a surge in protests led by local youths against controversial social media personality Bobrisky. The outrage was triggered by a video in which Bobrisky made remarks about the Oba of Benin, deemed disrespectful and sexually inappropriate.

The transgender personality’s comments fueled immediate and intense backlash from the youth, demanding Bobrisky’s departure from Edo.

The uproar occurred shortly after reports emerged that Bobrisky had relocated to Benin State. In response to the protests, Bobrisky issued an apology, clarifying that the comments were intended as a joke and not to be taken seriously. However, the situation escalated, leading to reports that Bobrisky had to leave Benin quickly for safety reasons.

This incident adds to the series of controversies involving Bobrisky, who recently commented on Jay Boogie’s BBL surgery complications. While Jay Boogie faced kidney complications and a potential need for a transplant, Bobrisky asserted that his own multiple BBL surgeries had been complication-free, attributing it to luxury services and qualified professionals.

The protests in Benin City underscore the polarizing nature of Bobrisky’s public persona, sparking significant public discourse and reactions to his comments and actions.

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