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Brad Pitt Moves on with New Girlfriend, Ines de Ramon.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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59-year-old actor, Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon have reportedly gotten serious with their relationship. This is as the former battles child custody with his ex-wife and the latter, concludes her divorce with ex-husband Paul Wesley, Vampire Diaries star due to “irreconcilable differences“.

Brad and Ines began dating last November and as disclosed by a source close to the pair, their relationship has continued to wax stronger.

According to The Insider, Brad Pitt has introduced Ines to most of his six children with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie and both have been a source of support to each other through their respective divorce proceedings.

Unlike Brad and Angelina’s, Ines and Paul’s divorce proceeding is unlikely to have some complications given that they have no child together. Hence, Ines has continued to provide Brad with just enough support to get through his ongoing legal battle even though she has hers to deal with also.

The source reported;

Ines does the same for Brad who is unfortunately still dealing with his messy divorce from Angie,’ the actor’s close friend shared. ‘They actually bonded over their divorces and are quite serious.’ She has met most of his kids. Brad’s relationship with Angie was such a high-profile disaster and it is quite the opposite with Ines. She is zero drama and very lowkey.’

When asked what Angelina may have to say about Brad Pitt and Ines’ romance, the source maintains that the actor cares less, the insider says;

He especially doesn’t give a damn what Angie thinks. In fact he wants her to know that he is happy with someone else.’ 

The source has also revealed that;

Brad does not care what Paul thinks of him, nor what Paul thinks of him dating Ines. Even though Paul is out of the picture, Brad and Ines are going to continue keeping it on the DL”.

Nevertheless, we wish the respective pairs all the best going forward.

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