Chilling Lyrics in Unreleased Mohbad Song Spark Reflections on His Untimely Passing

by Adeola Adeyeye
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The recent and untimely passing of the exceptionally talented Nigerian artist, Mohbad, has left both fans and the music industry reeling in shock and sorrow. However, a newly surfaced unreleased song featuring Mohbad has added an eerie dimension to his legacy, as the lyrics contained within have sent shivers down the spines of many devoted followers.

Within this unreleased track, Mohbad appears to have eerily predicted his own fate, leaving fans both heartbroken and mystified by his words. The lyrics in question hint at Mohbad’s uncanny foresight about the future, where he contemplates the sentiments that will surround him when he is no longer among the living.

He pensively raps,

Love me while I’m still here, cause heaven is our residence, Jah is my confidence, every man is a walking dead. When I’m there no more, people will love me more. Talk about the things I’ve done, discuss my rights and wrongs. When I’m laying lifeless on the floor, when I can’t utter a word, if I go live forever, Shebi Oluwa.”

These haunting words have left fans in profound contemplation, pondering the profound impact of Mohbad’s lyrics on his tragically early departure from the world.

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