Ciara Shares Hilarious Response to Co-Parenting Question with Rapper Future

by Adeola Adeyeye
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American singer Ciara recently gave a light-hearted response when asked about her co-parenting relationship with her former fiancé, rapper Future, during an interview with Thembi Mawema of The Shade Room.

Ciara, a Grammy-winning artist at 37, shares her nine-year-old son, Future Zahir, with rapper Future, who is 39 years old. She also has two other children, a six-year-old daughter named Sienna and a three-year-old son named Win, with her husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who is 34.

During the interview, Mawema posed the question, “What is co-parenting like for you guys?” In response, Ciara couldn’t help but burst into laughter, prompting a similar reaction from Mawema, who exclaimed, “I’m dead.”

Ciara, still chuckling, playfully responded with, “You’re awesome.”

Ciara and Future were previously in a long-term relationship and welcomed their son, Future Zahir, in 2014. However, the couple parted ways a few months later amid reports of Future’s alleged infidelity.

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