Comedian Ali Baba Shares Hilarious Fitness Journey at 58, Promises to Stay Youthful

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a surprising turn of events, veteran comedian Ali Baba has taken to Instagram to showcase his fitness journey, leaving fans amused and impressed.

At 58 years old, Ali Baba shared a humorous clip of himself flaunting his muscles while jokingly expressing his commitment to staying youthful.

In the video, Ali Baba humorously flexed his muscles shirtless, revealing that he is currently focusing on working his shoulders as part of his regular fitness routine. Despite his age, the comedian humorously stated his determination to maintain a youthful appearance, jokingly adding that he aims to look like he’s still in his 40s even as he approaches 50.

The comedian’s statement elicited laughter from netizens, considering his current age of 58. However, Ali Baba’s dedication to fitness and his humorous approach to aging have earned him praise and admiration from fans.

This recent display of humour and self-awareness is characteristic of Ali Baba, known for his witty comedy and social commentary. Earlier in 2024, he offered valuable advice to couples on managing anger and controlling hurtful words in relationships.

Moreover, in 2021, Ali Baba made headlines for his outspoken criticism of those contributing to Nigeria’s problems, regardless of their religious or social affiliations.

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