Comedian AY Stands Firm on Supporting Peter Obi Despite Political Backlash

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian ace comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, has reaffirmed his support for Peter Obi, the former Labour Party presidential candidate, despite facing political backlash and personal adversity.

AY emphasized that his decision to support Obi was driven by a desire for positive change in Nigeria, rather than political allegiance.

Speaking candidly about the repercussions of his political involvement, AY disclosed how his Lagos mansion mysteriously caught fire shortly after publicly endorsing Obi. He drew parallels with the challenges faced by social activist Very Dark Man, suggesting a pattern of adversity against outspoken individuals.

Addressing Nigerians, AY stressed the importance of respecting and fearing the government. Despite enduring significant personal loss due to the fire incident, AY remains resolute in his convictions and optimistic about the future. He shared his determination to rebuild his life, viewing his adversity as a stepping stone rather than a setback.

The fire incident, which occurred in August and resulted in the destruction of millions of properties, prompted AY and his family to temporarily relocate to the US.

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