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Controversy Erupts as Tyla’s Fashion Struggle Sparks Sarcastic Comments

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a viral video, Tyla’s discomfort and inability to walk independently were evident as security personnel had to assist her step by step.

However, instead of empathy, Nigerians flooded the comment section with sarcastic remarks, highlighting the insensitivity prevalent in online discourse.

User veli_corleone’s comment, “I thought that was a mannequin,” set the tone for a string of sarcastic jabs. From comparisons to inanimate objects like a “FA cup” by realdammydre to suggestions that Tyla was “wrapped up in shawarma paper” by adacollection.ng, the comments ranged from mocking to outright derisive.

Some users even took the opportunity to make unrelated jibes, such as wizkid_blogger_ insinuating Tyla’s Grammy win over Davido or iamjaydee_29 questioning her worthiness of the award.

While some comments were laced with humour, others bordered on cruelty, with remarks like iam_ajebuttar7’s suggestion that a breeze could easily carry Tyla away.

In the midst of the mockery, user dukeofzionn’s comment stood out, recognizing the broader issue of women facing challenges. However, this sentiment was overshadowed by the overwhelming negativity permeating the comment section.

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