Coping With Sudden Life Changes

by Frederick Akinola
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Change can come very suddenly, and unexpectedly. Your dad can be transferred and the family has to relocate. Your best friend could be moving far away. You could japa and miss your family in ways you never expected. How well would you adapt to such changes? Consider a few things you should know about the change.

Change is inevitable.  In life, things will happen, and there’s nothing we can really do about that. Of course, not all unexpected events are bad. And some changes that at first seem to be bad might turn out to be advantageous. Nevertheless, most people thrive on routine, and change—whether good or bad—rattles their comfort zone. Change is particularly difficult for young people, due to their lack of experience. But you can learn to adapt. You have to. Resilience is the ability to recover from misfortune or adjust to change. A resilient person can not only endure a new circumstance but also look at a seeming obstacle and see an opportunity in it.  What can you do to adapt to change? Consider the following:

Prepare Yourself

Change comes when you least expect it. But mental preparation could help. Spend some time thinking about events that are coming up in the future that may lead to changes or disruptions.  Try to think of certain situations and what you would do if they happen.

Maintain Routine

Continue to do the things you love to do in spite of the changes, if possible.  Holding on to some sense of normalcy can be a useful way to minimize stress and find comfort. Simple things like going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning can provide you with a sense of structure, even if it feels like other areas of your life are less predictable.

Accept Reality

You cannot have complete control over what happens in your life. That’s the sad truth. Unexpected events will take place.  Friends will move away or marry; siblings will grow up and leave home; circumstances may force your family to move, leaving behind friends and all that is familiar. It is better to accept reality than to let negative thoughts overwhelm you.

Focus on the Positive

Resilience is about attitude. Find positive aspects of the circumstance you are in. Yes, Dad is relocating, and we are leaving my school and friends, but I get to see a new city, and make new friends, and Dad might be promoted, so we have a better life. We should try not to focus on the past so much because we have no control over it. We have some control over the future, so we try to focus on that. Focusing on the past is like driving on a highway with your eyes fixed on the rearview mirror.

Change will always happen and it is sometimes difficult to adapt. If you need help, do not hesitate to talk to someone. Talking about your problem helps, and could be the starting point in coping with change.

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