Cubana Chief Priest Stands in Solidarity with Very Dark Man Amid Legal Battle

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian businessman and influential figure, Cubana Chief Priest, has extended his unwavering support to social media activist Very Dark Man amidst the ongoing legal challenges he faces.

Taking to his Instagram page, Cubana Chief Priest acknowledged the arduous journey activists often endure, urging Very Dark Man to embrace the process, as the ultimate outcome justifies the struggle. He commended Very Dark Man’s resilience and determination to make a difference, emphasizing his principled stance even in the face of adversity.

Describing Very Dark Man as a rare individual who steadfastly rejects monetary temptations, Cubana Chief Priest expressed confidence in their eventual triumph over the darkness of the current situation. He evoked the notion that greatness often emerges from overcoming challenges, reassuring Very Dark Man of their shared path towards success.

The outpouring of support for Very Dark Man extends beyond Cubana Chief Priest, with actress Lizzy Anjorin also pledging her steadfast support regardless of public opinion. Anjorin lauded Very Dark Man’s character and contributions to societal issues, emphasizing the need to remember his positive impact amid the current controversy.

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