Deploy new template for devt-oriented reportage – Gov Eno Urges Editors, Media Personnel

by John Ojewale
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Governor Umo Eno of Akwa-Ibom State has urged the media to create a new pattern for developmental-oriented reporting in which leaders are held accountable without being unduly invasive.

Governor Eno, on Monday, praised the Nigerian media for its role in demanding good governance and working to strengthen democratic institutions, noted in his speech that when the challenges of nation-building are overly magnified, symbols of authority are arbitrarily demonised, and potentials are routinely talked down on, foreign investors will be wary of coming in such a volatile environment.

According to him:

“Permit me to celebrate and commend the Nigerian media for the robust role it has played in demanding good governance, for working to strengthen of our institutions, for the good job you have done, sometimes at grave risk to see to the deepening of our democratic culture and traditions. You have advocated the need to have justice, equity and fair play as we work to achieve and nourish our unbending cords of unity.

“As excited and proud of the great works you have done, there are however, some areas that are very concerning and that’s why the theme of this confab is so apt and timely – Stimulating Economic Growth, Technological Advancement: Role of the Media.

“Permit me to say that the growth of any society is predicated on how such a society is being defined, its national ethos, characteristics, identity and defining values. If there is the constant drib-drib of negative reportage, where the challenges of the process of our nation-building are overly magnified and our symbols of authority, randomly demonised and our potentials routinely talked down on, in spite of how large such a market may be, foreign investors will be wary of coming in such a volatile environment.

“I want to plead that you use the media, to engender a new template of reportage, one that is development-oriented, where our leaders are called to account without being overly obtrusive. No one desires a plaint media that acts like the cheer-leaders to the government, but in trying to break the news, we should be careful not to break the fabric of the society. You need the nation first in order to freely practice your profession.”





cc: Vanguard Ng

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