Disconnect all registered SIMs without proper NIN linkage – NCC

by John Ojewale
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The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has directed telecommunications companies in the country to cut all phone lines for subscribers who have not linked their National Identification Numbers, NINs, to their SIM cards.

The disconnections are scheduled for Friday, March 29, 2024, in response to the NCC’s mandate that all registered SIMs without adequate NIN connectivity be repaired or totally disconnected from networks.

The NIN-SIM Linkage process, which began on February 28, 2024, is part of the government’s commitment to combat criminal acts such as abduction and banditry, with the ultimate goal of strengthening national security.

There are suggestions of a possible third phase in April 2024.

Operators have allegedly worked with the NCC to implement the regulation, demonstrating their commitment to national security objectives and guaranteeing complete compliance by the timeframes.

The second phase will target consumers who have five or more SIM cards from a single provider and do not have validated NIN-SIM links.

The final phase, which begins on April 15, will focus on consumers who have four or fewer SIM cards and unverified NINs.

While telecom businesses are arguing for a review and extension of the April deadline for the third phase, signs from the NCC indicate a firm commitment to the existing timetables.









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