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Does Your Speech Matter?

by Frederick Akinola
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No human can perfectly control the tongue. Still, your words matter. Your reputation, your career, and even the success or failure of your relationships with others centre on how you speak. Since your words reflect the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that make you unique, it is important that you analyze your speech patterns closely. Consider the following ways to improve your speech habits. Words begin as thoughts. In order to improve what you say, you need to improve how you think.

Select Your Associates and Environment Carefully.

As humans, we are social beings. We mostly reinforce the behaviour we see around us. This could also affect our speech. If we are around people who are lousy, there’s a high likelihood we could also be like that. If we associate with people who use swear words, we might also imitate them. Do not say you won’t imbibe their behaviour. It will rub off on you like a virus whether you like it or not.

Fill Your Heart With Good Things.

Remember that your thoughts are fed and fortified by what you see and read. So to avoid negative and unclean thoughts, avoid negative influences. That means staying away from violent and obscene entertainment. Instead, direct your mind toward clean, positive ideas.

Read Good Books and Watch Wholesome Television.

What we read and watch also has an effect on our speech. Television is responsible for a lot of our vocabulary. If we take out time to watch proper programmes, it can have a positive effect on our speech. Reading good books will also have a similar effect.

Filter Your Words Carefully.

Try setting a goal. Over the next month, be determined not to say the first thing that comes to your mind, especially when you are provoked. By correcting the flaws you see in a mirror, you become more presentable to others and you feel better about yourself. The same benefits await you if you improve your speech.

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