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Driver Revealed to be the Murderer of the Fatinoyes.

Driver and his Accomplices Finally Apprehended by the Police.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Following the gruesome murder of the Fatinoye family on New year’s day, investigations have revealed the culprit responsible. This happens to be their driver. According to reports, he masterminded the dastardly act with the help of two other criminals.

The driver, Lekan Adekanmbi (Koroba) invited the two other suspects Ahmed Odetola (Akamo) and Waheed Adeniyi (Koffi). The plan was over to rob his boss of a certain 1.2m naira.  He claimed his boss had previously refused to grant him a pay raise. He also stated that his boss refused to loan him some money to acquire a motorcycle.

The three had stormed the Fatinoye house and awaited the family’s arrival from the crossover service before pouncing on them. Lekan revealed how they had been able to avoid being attacked by the Alsatian dog in the compound. He regularly fed it and had become a familiar face within the household.

The trio who are suspected members of the Aiye Confraternity had demanded a transfer of money from the account of the deceased, Kehinde Fatinoye into Ahmed Odetola’s Kuda account. On realising that the transfer was unsuccessful, Adekanbi’s Access bank account was given. The sum of 1.2 million was transferred to Lekan who was holding a gun to the deceased’s head.

With this, Lekan becoming fully aware that his identity had been revealed through his bank details, hit the deceased’s wife Mrs Bukola Fatoniye with a sledgehammer while Kehinde Fatinoye was slaughtered with a knife by Koffi.

At this point the deceased’s children, Oreoluwa and Felix who had walked into the situation were tied up, driven to the Ogun river bridge and thrown into the river. Felix had been so lucky to get rescued by a group of fishermen. Oreoluwa on the other hand wasn’t so lucky as his dead body was discovered the following day.

Remember, Adekanbi had initially escaped justice after the surviving son of the Fatinoyes, Felix had identified him as the major culprit. While Adekanbi was apprehended in Abeokuta, his accomplices Akamo and Koffi were arrested somewhere around Ogere Remo.

The assailants have since been apprehended and paraded alongside Adekanbi’s mum and girlfriend who helped shield him from facing the law and also obtain a phone.

Indeed, the heart of man is desperately wicked. This is yet another very sad and unfortunate incident but it’s good to know the culprits have eventually been apprehended. Let us know what you think about this development in the comment section.

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