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Embracing Your Biological Gender: An Endorsement of Authenticity and Self-Acceptance 

by Frederick Akinola
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Society is undergoing a rapid transformation in its understanding and acceptance of various gender identities. While this evolution is crucial for ensuring inclusivity and respect for all individuals, it is equally important to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of embracing one’s biological gender. This article aims to discuss the reasons why individuals should stick to their biological gender, emphasizing the idea of authentic identity and the benefits it brings to personal well-being and societal harmony.

A Recognizable Foundation:

Biological gender is the foundation upon which human beings are formed. It encompasses physical, genetic, and hormonal aspects that distinguish men from women. Acknowledging and embracing this inherent identity can foster a sense of belonging and provide a stable point of reference for self-exploration. While society has seen great strides in acknowledging diverse gender identities, understanding and accepting one’s biological gender should not be seen as regressive but rather as a fundamental aspect of who we are.

Psychological Harmony:

Embracing one’s biological gender inherently promotes psychological harmony and self-acceptance. When individuals align their identity with their biological gender, they often experience a deep sense of congruence, leading to improved emotional well-being. This alignment allows individuals to embrace and celebrate their unique qualities, fostering a positive self-image and a healthier psychological state. By accepting their biological gender, individuals can free themselves from any feelings of dysphoria or incongruence, enabling them to focus more on personal growth and overall happiness.

Physical Well-being:

Biological gender plays a substantial role in determining specific physical traits, such as reproductive systems, body composition, and hormonal profiles. Acknowledging and nurturing one’s biological gender can contribute to overall physical well-being. Embracing these physical differences allows individuals to tailor their healthcare needs more effectively, ensuring that specific gender-related medical concerns are addressed timely and appropriately. Furthermore, denying one’s biological gender could result in neglecting preventive health measures that are specific to each gender, such as prostate or cervical cancer screenings, leading to potential adverse consequences for one’s well-being.

Social Cohesion:

Acknowledging and sticking to one’s biological gender also supports societal harmony and cohesion. The gender roles that have been established throughout history, reflecting the differences between men and women, contribute to the diverse fabric of society. By adhering to these roles, individuals can better understand and relate to one another, promoting smoother social interactions and fostering a sense of unity. The biological differences that exist between genders provide opportunities for unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions, enhancing overall societal growth and development.

Protecting Individual Rights:

A crucial aspect of embracing one’s biological gender is the protection of individual rights. Advocating for the right to identify and express oneself authentically includes the right to embrace and identify with one’s biological gender. Just as individuals are entitled to explore and express diverse gender identities, they should also be supported in their choice to identify with their biological gender if they desire. By protecting this right, we ensure that no individual is coerced into conforming to societal expectations that might disregard or suppress their biological identity.


While acknowledging and respecting the fluidity of gender identity is essential for constructing an inclusive society, it is equally important to recognize the significance of embracing one’s biological gender. Upholding and embracing biological gender allows for psychological harmony, enhances physical well-being, promotes social cohesion, and protects individual rights. Rather than viewing the acceptance of biological gender as regressive, we should instead embrace it as a celebration of the unique qualities that make each individual who they are. By doing so, we can foster a world that truly celebrates and respects all gender identities.

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