Femi Branch Addresses Feud Between Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo, Calls for Resolution

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actor Femi Branch has intervened in the ongoing feud between his colleagues Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo, urging for reconciliation and de-escalation of the conflict.

In a video shared online, Femi expressed disappointment at his colleagues for publicly engaging in a feud rather than resolving their issues privately. He criticized those who took sides, labeling them as “clout chasers” and emphasized the need for unity and solidarity within the industry.

Femi disclosed that he privately reached out to both parties before making the video, highlighting the damage caused when personal conflicts are aired on social media. He defended Femi Adebayo’s actions, stating that anyone could have made the same mistake in the heat of the moment, and appealed to the public not to tarnish his legacy.

Acknowledging Dayo Amusa’s initial grievances regarding the award announcement, Femi emphasized the need for understanding and forgiveness. He urged industry colleagues to refrain from taking sides publicly and instead support their peers in private.

The intervention comes amidst a heated exchange between Dayo Amusa and Femi Adebayo, sparked by Femi’s announcement of Bobrisky as the Best Dressed winner at a movie premiere. Dayo criticized the decision, leading to a public backlash from Femi’s wife, Aduke.

The feud escalated with colleagues like Jigan Babaoja publicly taking sides and trading insults with Dayo online. However, Femi Branch’s intervention aims to promote dialogue and reconciliation, emphasizing the importance of preserving relationships built over decades in the industry.

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