Festive Season: Workers panic as Lagos waterworks sacks 450

by John Ojewale
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Employees of the Lagos State Water Corporation are now concerned after the state government fired 450 casual workers last week Thursday.

The affected employees were astonished when they were presented with sack papers on Tuesday and given an ultimatum to handover all government property under their control.

The decision to fire the employees surprised several of the employees who were not touched by the exercise.

Some of the workers who spoke with our correspondent while visiting one of the state waterworks on Thursday voiced concern that they might meet a similar fate.

A staff member told reporters on the condition of anonymity that many of the laid-off employees had worked for the business for several years.

She stated:

“Nobody knew this was going to happen. We were all shocked that a large number of people could be sacked in a day. Currently, these waterworks no longer have casual workers.

“One of my friends was affected by the decision. She has a family she is taking care of. She doesn’t even know where to start. She left the office weeping last week. Even if they are going to sack anyone, they should have given people more time to find alternatives.”






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