Filling Station Overpricing Fuel will be Sanctioned – PETROAN

by John Ojewale
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PETROAN on over priced fuel

Oil marketers, under the auspices of the Petroleum Retail Outlet Owners Association of Nigeria (PETROAN), have created a task force to investigate and sanction gas stations that sell premium motor spirits, commonly known as petrol, at exorbitant prices.

It was noted that the decision was taken following reports that some petrol stations were serving gasoline in excess of N300/litre, well above the federally approved price. rice field.

In response to rising fuel prices, especially outside of Abuja and Lagos, PETROAN President Billy Gillis-Harry said the federation has set up a task force to curb the threat.

Speaking to the PUNCH correspondent on the issue, he said, “We frown at anybody selling so much above the price of what should be adequate. If they accessed the product at a high rate, then we would not sanction them.

“But if they accessed the product from NNPCL and sell it at exorbitant rates of N220, N250, we will sanction you. It is getting very punitive. So our task force now goes around and when we get them we invoke the powers of the NMDPRA over them.”


cc: The Punch

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