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Food Critic, Opeyemi Famakin Criticizes Tacha’s Social Media Post, Sparks Online Debate

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Popular food critic Opeyemi Famakin recently called out Tacha over a video where she appeared to pour red wine into a champagne bottle, sparking speculation about the authenticity of the drink.

However, Tacha’s usual vocal response to criticism has been notably absent, prompting questions about a potential shift in her approach to online interactions.

Tacha, known for her outspoken nature, has a history of clashes with critics and fellow celebrities, including a high-profile feud with Mercy Eke during their time in the BBNaija house. Additionally, confrontations with artists like Zlatan and Davido have further fueled controversy surrounding her online persona.

Despite facing frequent backlash, Tacha has maintained a strong presence on social media, often leveraging negative attention to fuel her continued engagement with followers. This resilience has contributed to her enduring popularity, with each controversy seemingly reinforcing her online visibility.

However, Tacha’s recent silence in response to Famakin’s accusation raises speculation about a potential change in her approach to handling criticism. While she has traditionally been quick to defend herself against detractors, her lack of response this time suggests a possible shift towards ignoring or disengaging from negative attention.

Whether this change signifies a new strategy for Tacha or simply a temporary adjustment remains to be seen.

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