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Getting Your Week Off To A Productive Start.

by Frederick Akinola
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Monday mornings are dreaded worldwide. It’s a general agreement that the first day of the working week is not vibes. You have to go back to work or resume school. You have to get into traffic and all the wahala and drama. What can you do to ensure that you get off to a good start on Monday morning?

Rest During the Weekend

This might not be easy because you probably have a lot to do during the weekend. But try to get some hours of rest. Sleep and snore. Also, you don’t have to sleep to rest. You could just relax, see a movie or sit with your friends and gist. Give your brain rest from all the work and school stuff it has been loaded with throughout the week. Give the brain some fun. Play games, watch football, and relax. Remember that on Monday morning you start all over again.


Countless studies that show exercise not only motivate and improves work but can also improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. School and work can cause a lot of anxiety. And depending on your work environment, you could also be depressed. Exercise is a great way to release all of that from your system and refresh yourself. Go for a run, play a game, go to the gym, and sweat during the weekend, preferably on Saturday.

Plan Your Week on Friday night

Do not wait until Sunday evening to start planning your week. You’ll do it in a hurry and you won’t get things right. Plan your week on Friday evening, that way you have time to fix all the things you forgot to add to your list during the weekend. Plan what you are going to wear. What you are going to eat, the schedule you are going to keep. That way you are not taken unaware by anything.

Get Up Early On Monday Morning

The way you start your day on Monday might just be the way the rest of your week pans out. Ensure you wake up early and have a healthy breakfast. Get to work on time, and get things going. Put on a smart outfit and smell good. Be positive. You’re gonna have a great week!

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